5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram "Galleries"

5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram "Galleries"

It seems hardly a week goes by without a new social media update coming out onto our favourite channels, and most recently it’s Instagram that has delighted us with their new Instagram Galleries offering.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the lowdown…

“With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember. Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.”

That’s the official word from Instagram, and here’s how it looks in practise…

We’ve all gotten so used to sharing our lives one photographic square at a time that this is a new way of using Instagram. Opportunities now seem endless! I’ve had many conversations since this new feature was launched, mainly starting with the question “How do we use it?”. So, I’ve laid down some ideas:

Holidays, Tours and Showcasing

We may all be used to living one square at a time on Instagram, but how useful is that really for tourist venues and holiday companies to really showcase what they’re selling? Scroll through numerous holiday company Instagram accounts, and they usually have 1 photo of a resort, hotel or beach to try and entice people to clicking and doing some extra research. Now, they have the option to really showcase a holiday option! For example:

- Photo of the tickets arriving in a nice bundle or package

- The plane they could be travelling on to get to the location (even better if it’s a new Dreamline, A380 or there are special deals on upgrades!)

  • Arriving at the resort
  • Photos of the rooms…
  • …and the views from them!
  • Video tour of the pool area
  • InstaFoodie photos of the dinners and restaurants on offer
  • Boomerang videos of the watersports and activities at the hotel
  • A picturesque sunset
  • Call to action graphic, name of the hotel, or how to find out more.

Thomas Cook has tip-toed into Instagram Galleries with this series of images of the Northern Lights. Does it add value? Not quite, but it’s a start!

As well as the holiday industry, this method could be used by estate agents, venue hire agencies, tourist attractions to highlight a particular feature or exhibitions.

Sharing Recipes (without having to press pause on videos)

Video lengths are a tricky business. Some videos I switch off after 4 seconds, others I’ll sit and watch for anything up to 5 minutes. Recipe videos have got this nailed, with whizzy, super-fast demonstrations of how to create Avocado Chocolate Cakes and other mouth-watering recipes that you always tag, save or share.

The main issue? They’re so darn fast, you have to press pause every 1.5 seconds to keep up! So, use an Instagram gallery. Take photos of the ingredients you need; take videos of the complicated parts of the cooking or baking process; throw a fun boomerang or two into the mix (pun intended) and you’ve got yourself an interactive Instagram recipe making gallery! Easy peasy.

Event Snapshots

Sharing Instagram photos live from an event? It can be pretty exhausting getting all the right text and hashtags in when photos need, or could be uploaded every 2 seconds because there’s so much activity going on! (I’ve done it before, can you tell?)

Instagram galleries to the rescue! I’ll use the Oscars as an example as it’s the event everyone is still talking about. You could familiarise followers with each of the Best Actress nominees through an Instagram gallery. Say there were 5 nominees, that’s space for an image and a short clip of each one from the film they’ve been nominated from. Ta-daaah!

Wired UK has done similar recently with entrants for the Sony World Photography Awards

Another option for a more functional, business orientated event include; a gallery of reactions from the Keynote speech; images and videos giving feedback of the event; top 10 ‘must see stands’ (great for sponsors!). All tidied up nicely with just one set of accompanying text.

How-to-use demos

We recently bought a wood-burning pen to play around with for our Wedding décor (fun right!) and frankly, we probably should have read the instructions. There’s a reason there are different tips and nibs to use, and you definitely don’t need to hold it on the wood more than 5 seconds to burn it (learned that the hard way).

I feel something similar to Point 1 coming along… that’s right, how to use demonstrations! From unpacking to using — showcasing innovative and fun ways that you can use the products or service. Think Sharpie pens, kitchen gadgets, even software demonstrations!

Behind the scenes

We all love behind the scenes sneak peeks, the Harry Potter studio tour success is a prime example of that.

So imagine taking a popular product, or film or tourist attraction, and showing an exclusive, in-depth behind the scenes Instagram gallery. When you post more than 1 image of an ongoing story you never have the guarantee that someone will be able to follow the story and see everything about it. That leads to engagement drop off, lower reach and ultimately less people seeing the full picture. Instagram stories enable you to really delve into a topic and showcase it in up to 10 different ways in 1 place.

In short, Instagram Galleries give brands and companies a great way to tell a longer story. All you need to do, is find that story.

If you’d like ideas and help with how to tell your Instagram story, get in touch. I’d love to chat!

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