Why isn’t my social media working?

Why isn’t my social media working?

Social media is not a quick fix. But, I'm guessing you probably already knew that which is why you're reading this post. Find out the top myths I've come across about social media success, and discover the truth. 

There are so many blogs and paid social media campaigns at the moment promising the WORLD if you just posted content. Sadly, this just isn’t the case. Here are the top social media myths that I’ve come across – debunked!

1.     If I post content then my sales will increase and my business will get going.

Afraid not!

Content is just one piece of the puzzle that is social media. In fact, content should be the last priority on your list whilst you’re getting set-up. The word ‘strategy’ can strike fear amongst entrepreneurs, local and small businesses owners but it’s so important to get right. If you don’t know why you’re doing it; who you are trying to reach and speak to; or where you’re going to do it – then how do you know what to write?

The harsh fact is, people are unlikely to be searching for your product or service. If it’s put in front of them, or they’re sent some information about it via social media – you may capture their attention, but they’re not necessarily searching social media for your tweets. 

2.     Putting my social media logos on my website and posting content means my audience will grow


Audience growth is one of the biggest challenges on social media now. When was the last time you followed a brand for personal reasons? Our newsfeeds and social media accounts are so noisy now, we rarely want to add to it unless that channel is producing ongoing, useful content.

So, what’s the answer? Focus less on vanity metrics such as follows, likes and shares – and more on engaging and speaking to people! Build a network on your social media channels and chat to people, just as you would at any event. Making your channels ‘human’ is what will attract people.

Another top tip… Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to link and join conversations and consider using paid targeting to reach your audience.

3.     My perfectly written tweet and image will get tonnes of engagement


It can be heart-breaking. You spend hours writing the perfect content, with the perfect image. You excitedly post it…

...butnothing. No likes, comments, replies, retweets, shares…nothing. It happens to the best of us, and it will happen to you – regularly!The trick is to test different types of content. Try different text variations, GIFs, videos and photos and see what works best! Then, break it down into the best time of day – and focus on that time.

Also, and most importantly – consider what your objective is, what you want to achieve out of being on social media. If you want clicks to your website, then vanity metrics such as likes and shares don’t matter – you care about the clicks! Define your ‘why’ and take it from there.

4.     My blog post is so interesting everyone will love it

Not so much…

Blogs have evolved. Before they were money-making machines, they were simply people sharing some knowledge, news or information about a topic or themselves. Over the past few years, partly due to the rise influencer marketing, blogs are big money. Everyone wants a piece of the action, most likely including you!

The trick here is to write blogs for your audience, not for you. Think about what your audience might search for online. For example, if you’re writing a blog about your favourite cocktails and it’s the height of summer, you might write it about ‘best cocktails to serve at a BBQ’, as opposed to ‘my favourite summer cocktail’. Then, you’re sharing useful information with your audience!

5.     I need to be on every channel possible

Please, don’t!

I go onto so many websites that have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat icons on there – it exhausts me looking at them! It is far better to use just 1 or 2 social media channels, and use them WELL.

The other essential thing to consider, is what channels your audience use (we’re back to that strategy bit again!). If your demographic is females aged 40-65, then Snapchat is no good at all. If it’s males 18-30, then what are you doing on Pinterest? The core channels for the foreseeable remain Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is great – but, only if you have a very visual product or service. Remember what I said before – people are not looking for you!

The basis of any good social media presence is a strategy – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Join my FREE Facebook group to get some hints and tips, or find out more about the personalised services I can offer you to get you started and moving in the right direction. 

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