Your Content: Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Your Content: Seeing the Wood for the Trees

“We have nothing to talk about”

“We don’t have any content”

“We’re stuck saying the same thing over and over, it’s never new or different”.

Three sentences I have heard many times before during my social media career. The buzz statement “Content is King” a couple of years ago has made everyone panic and hyper-aware of the content they are producing and publishing on social media. It can be daunting, exhausting and you can find yourself with a ‘mind blank’ dozens of times a day where you genuinely can’t see the wood for the trees anymore! I’ve been there, I know what it feels like!

However, since starting LocaSocial with small and local businesses, as well as taking on freelance work, I really re-discovered, and seen the benefits of taking that birds eye view and seeing things from a fresh perspective.

Fresh perspective

The great thing about it? I’m not knee deep in daily deliverables of the core business or the account, with freelancing I don’t know what’s gone wrong before, or where teams may have been ‘burnt’. I have no fear and no pre-conceptions. I have that fresh look at the business, the product and the strategy, which when it comes to content, is very important.

When you’re rushed, panicked and having to deliver very quickly, your mind can go blank. You’re in fight or flight mode. Well, what about prepared mode, and planning mode?

The truth is, every brand and every product has something to say or something to talk about. You must do, or you wouldn’t be able to have conversations with anyone, and therefore would be unlikely to be doing any business whatsoever. But, how do you figure out what to say on social media? What does your content look like?

Plan it out

Take a big piece of paper, write down the core strategy of the business, who your audience is, the most common conversations you have with your clients or partners, the resources that you read to increase your knowledge, and where you get inspiration from. There you go, there are your content topics! Now, it’s time to plan what you’ll say about each topic, and what social media channel you’ll say it on. There’s your grid!

Build a grid system, reference documents, spider diagrams, anything that will help you in a ‘mind blank moment’ to remember what you can talk about. You will quickly find that there is so much to say, there won’t be enough days for it, and bingo — you’ll have a plan for the next month.

Once you get further down the line, assign percentages to your content. 80% focus on X, 5% focus on Y, 15% on Z (just as long as the 80% isn’t just promoting your product or services over and over again…think interesting and engaging!).

Ground work

Putting that ground work in place, makes ongoing content creation much simpler to draw inspiration from moving forwards. Instead of the daily, weekly or monthly panic of what content you can create, and stressing yourself making it up on the day, review the plan, and give it that birds eye view. The hardest work is already done!

I hope this helps you with your content planning, if not, please do contact me and I can work with you to build your content grids and ‘bird eye view’!

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